In celebrating the Centenary in 2016, we acknowledged that although Victoria University is a young university, it has a long, rich history. A history that encompasses a 100 year commitment to providing high quality, accessible education and enriching the community.

2016 was an opportune time to reflect on our heritage and share our vision for the future and to reinforce the overarching distinctiveness that drives us forward as the University of Opportunity and Success.

In celebrating our Centenary, we aimed to:

• Be excellent, engaged and accessible

• Reinvigorate a sense of pride and belonging for all VU staff, past and present

• Shine a spotlight on 100 years of student success

• Highlight our areas of strength and difference

• Build our capacity to transform lives and help more students fulfil their potential

• Demonstrate our commitment to industry and community

• Bring the university community together to celebrate our achievements

Our heartland


Over the past century, the institution has undergone numerous changes to its structure, name and identity.

The Centenary was the perfect time to embrace and celebrate this ongoing transformation, reconnect with students, staff and alumni, and engage with our industries and communities – the cornerstones of our vision to be a dynamic university that is relevant to the needs and aspirations of contemporary learners and the community of the 21st century.

The Centenary coincided with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Victoria University, with the first Vice-Chancellor being appointed in 1991. Since that time we have continued to provide great opportunities for tens of thousands of students including those from the West of Melbourne. Serving the community of the west remains an important priority, even though we now have around 46,000 students from across Melbourne, the state, the country and the world, with campuses in Melbourne’s CBD, and programs internationally including China, Malaysia and India.

The Centenary celebrated the ongoing transformation of Victoria University, and the tremendous opportunity and growth that further education has provided the region.

Strategic linkages

In its 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, Victoria University has committed to being open and excellent, creating exceptional value for any student from any background and uplifting the communities in which we operate.

To deliver on our commitments to our students, staff and the communities we serve, we need to engage in a transformative process that focuses institutional effort on:

  • student experience and outcome
  • research and engagement
  • capability

The Centenary logo

VU Centenary Logo
To honour the importance of this occasion, a single strong symbol, consisting of a logo and word-mark, was developed. This conveys not only our remarkable history, but qualities which make us special to thousands of students, educators, researchers and partners.

Building on the form of VU’s diamond, and incorporating the white circle of the individual, the Centenary diamond is made up of 100 bright, multi-coloured squares, each representing one year of the history from 1916 – 2016. These squares may also be perceived as a mosaic representing VU’s many communities of students with their diverse backgrounds and rich cultures, or perhaps our many local, national and global industry partners.

A highlighted section of 25 squares in blue tones represents the 25th anniversary of VU’s establishment as a university – the first and only one in Melbourne’s West, VU’s heartland. The word mark ‘Celebrating a Centenary of Opportunity’ creates a link between Footscray Technical School’s stated purpose to provide a Door of Opportunity and VU’s vision today to be the University of Opportunity and Success.

A logo without the year stamp was also created for use beyond 2016 in certain circumstances.